Hi, I’m Alice.

When people look at me now, they see a highly successful business strategist with everything going for her, with a beautiful apartment in downtown Toronto and a life filled with abundance.

I’m in the best health of my life, surrounded by loving family and friends, and know that I can make just about anything in my life or business happen.

But my life hasn’t always been this way.

20 years ago I was where you might be right now…

Stressed out, sleep-deprived, spending more time with my work colleagues than with my own husband, and constantly living on my nerves.

My entire life as a corporate CPA completely revolved around my job.

My husband sat at home alone most evenings, waiting for me to shuffle in the door then watch me inhale my late-night dinners before collapsing into bed, asleep. The next morning, I’d be out the door well before him, ready to do it all over again.

Most young women don’t dream of working 12-hour days.

Being at the beck-and-call of your Blackberry and never seeing your husband… nobody tells you that this is how your life will wind up when you’re at business school.

The never-ending cycle of always putting my career first invariably led me to lose sight of what was truly important to me.

As my career took off, my relationship, friendships, and health all suffered dearly.

I had no energy or time to spend doing the things that we loved, like traveling or hanging out with my husband, and my dream of one day starting a family was slipping away from me.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that the only logical answer was to leave the corporate world and start my own consulting business.

It was the only way I knew to take control and get my life back on track.

Working for myself, I finally felt like I was making a real impact and getting the recognition I truly deserved. It was exhilarating, liberating, fulfilling, and terrifying, all at the same time. And now I’d have more time to spend with my husband and friends, and finally start a family.

But as my business grew, it became clear that my life was in a downward spiral.

I was depressed and ashamed, I lost control of my health, my marriage, my family and my clients. In desperation, I started reaching out to local businesses, but I couldn’t even convince myself I’m good enough, and it shows.

I’ll never forget the day I looked at my bank account and realized I had only $75 to my name.

It forced me to face up to everything I’d been avoiding. I realized I couldn’t keep hiding from the world and that if I wanted my life to change, I had to be the one to change it.

With next to no money, I couldn’t afford to buy books so I’d read for hours in bookstores and on the internet, learning everything I could to turn my life around.

As my mindset improved and my depression started to lift, things began happening that made me realize that my life was finally starting to turn around.

It was small things at first: I’d visualize myself getting a great parking spot right outside the supermarket and it would be there waiting for me when I arrived. I’d find money on the street just when I’d realized I’d left my house without my wallet, or I’d get free tickets to shows that I’d been waiting to see, and I also started getting invitations to free dinners and social events.

Through a chance meeting one day, I met a man who went on to play a significant role in my journey.

He opened up to me, telling me stories of his tortured childhood, his addiction to drugs and alcohol and his fight to stay in recovery. He told me the biggest shift had happened for him when he started practicing Reiki and spiritual meditation.

So I immersed myself in the practice of Reiki, spiritual meditation and mindset work. Soon after, it started to pay off.

Then one day, out of the blue, my phone started ringing with consulting offers again.

I was getting referrals, offered contract after contract, and money began flowing into my bank account again.

With each phone call, the opportunities got bigger and bigger, and soon I was juggling multiple clients, and had the pick of opportunities to accept. I started making multiple six figures and was having the time of my life.

It’s been 15 years since that terrifying day when I realized I only had $75 to my name.

Since then I’ve worked with many business startups, from small businesses to those backed by high profile public companies. I’ve worn just about every hat; creating business strategies, building business alliances, designing business processes, setting up operating and financial systems, building teams and developing leaders.  And best of all, I got to help entrepreneurs turn their dreams into thriving businesses.

That’s what I want to help you do too.

Let’s be honest…

Life’s too short to stay trapped in the belief that you’ll only ever be successful when you work for someone else.

Your time is too precious to waste on office politics, power-struggles and chasing someone else’s dreams.

If you’ve read this far, it’s because you’re a talented, intelligent, and right now exhausted career woman who’s stuck in a world where she doesn’t belong.

Take it from someone who’s already found it: there IS a far better way.

Time to talk about your Get Away Plan.

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