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Ready to leave the corporate grind to start your freedom business?

Maybe climbing the corporate ladder used to seem like a good idea, but now you can’t imagine being stuck in this unfulfilling life for another 20 years.

You’re sick of the late nights alone in the office, still working long after the cleaners have come and gone.

You’re constantly stressed, burned out, and slowly realizing that this isn’t the life you wanted after all. Not even close.

You’re desperate to find a way out of the work-eat-sleep-workaholic lifestyle, but you have no idea how you’d ever make enough money to pay your bills and replace the security you currently have in your corporate job.

That’s exactly what I’m here to help you figure out.

I know firsthand the fears and anxiety around letting go of the financial safety net

You worry about not having enough savings to just quit.

You struggle to find the time and energy to build your side-hustle when you’re already so busy.

You aren’t sure if your ideas are even any good.

And you’re terrified that when you’re ready to take on clients, no one will actually be interested in what you have to offer.

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on online courses, listening to podcasts and watching webinars but you still feel stuck and unsure how to move forward.  There are days when you feel like giving up, but the thought of having to stay stuck in the corporate prison has kept you going.

Deep down you know you can’t waste any more time at your job, as your health, relationships and friendships suffer, and your passion for life disappears.

This is a challenge that many corporate women face, and I want you to know that you don’t have to face it all on your own.

I’m Alice Woo, an intuitive business strategist for women like you, who are ready to say goodbye to their corporate lives and get clear about their true purpose, so they can start building businesses that give them the freedom they dream about.

As a CPA and business consultant who has worked with corporate clients and startups for over 20 years, I have all the skills you need to help you transition out of the cubicle (or corner office), even if right now you have no savings or no idea how you’ll ever make that happen.

Together, we’ll create an Exit Plan, map out your financial needs, design strategies to grow your profitable business, and get you ready to quit your day job!

I want to show you how to leave the corporate ladder behind by building a business that gives you what you’re longing for:

  • Time and energy — to spend with family and to nurture yourself.

  • Money and financial security — to afford a lifestyle you’ll love.

  • Time and freedom — to pursue your passions and goals.

  • Passion and fulfillment — that sets your soul on fire!

  • Satisfaction — of spending your time doing things you love, every single day.

Don’t keep living your life for a “someday” that may never arrive.

It’s time to choose what truly makes you happy.

It’s time to take action.

It’s time we start talking about your Get Away Plan.

Sign up for your complimentary call today. [CTA link to calendar]