Opting-in to every free training and lurking in Facebook groups hasn’t helped you build your side-hustle, and the truth is… it probably never will!

You want to leave the corporate world behind, start your own business, and finally experience a life of true freedom and alignment with your soul purpose – doing what you are here to do.

You want to be making money, doing what you love, and prove to yourself (and the world) that you are in control of your success.

But more than anything else, you want to do work that sets your Soul On Fire and do amazing things to help change people’s lives.

The problem is, you have no clue how to make it happen.

Having struggled through years in the corporate grind myself before freeing myself to run my soul-inspired business, I understand exactly what you’re going through:

  You feel

Like you’re living a lie with your fake (aka professional) corporate persona, because you don’t feel safe to be yourself around your fake friends.

  You’re tired

Of the office politics, egos, and not knowing who to trust.

  You know

You’ve gone as far as you can in your current career, and you’re tired of spinning your wheels.

  You hate

The late nights alone in the office chasing deadlines.

  When you hear

People talk about the need for eight hours of sleep, you shake your head and think — yeah, right… not in this lifetime.

  You have an ongoing fantasy

About “someday” — the mythical land where you get to travel the world, hit the gym regularly and actually have a social life. You know, the life you put on your vision board.

If this sounds like the struggle you’ve been having, then you’re in the right place.

I know from my ten years in corporate just how much dread you feel when the alarm goes off each morning for yet another day of unfulfilling work.

You gave up practically everything for the corporate “dream”, earned your promotions and have achieved what looks like success on the outside.

But the money, the status and the work have left you feeling empty and unfulfilled. You realize you’re wasting time in a place you don’t belong.

The good news is that there is another way. A way that combines your skills and passions to build a career that makes you feel validated, successful and excited every day.

My name is Alice Woo, and I help burnt out corporate women like you start profitable + soul-inspired businesses to make money that set them free, so they can finally say goodbye to the corporate world for good.

You’ve most likely had the idea of starting your own thing. You may have even started a side-hustle attempting to make some money online.

But despite your best efforts to figure it out on your own, you’ve been left feeling stuck, overwhelmed and defeated.

You’re starting to wonder if you’re cut out to be a business owner, and you’ve considered throwing in the towel more than once.

You don’t understand what’s missing. You’ve invested time and money studying the experts, reading the DIY books, and taking the online courses. So why aren’t you any closer to your dream?

The answer is simple. Clarity.

You need a clear business plan that use your gifts, skills and soul purpose, to define your unique brand  and the exact strategies to what, who and how you serve to achieve your business and income goals.

Just imagine…

  Waking up

Each morning feeling excited about the client appointments on your calendar, the tasks you work on to grow your business and the difference you get to make in people’s lives.

  Getting dressed up

For cocktails with friends, a romantic third date (because things are going so well), or a fun night on the town.

  Having the time

To regularly get a massage, hit your favorite yoga class, and cook homemade meals.

  The thrill

Of searching out flights for that big trip to Paris, the trek to Machu Picchu or a week on the beach in Hawaii.

  The Satisfaction

Of hearing your new client’s success story, feeling the gratitude they have for you and knowing that your passion and skills have helped change their lives. YOU get to do that every day. The thought literally brings you to tears….

  The Pure Joy

You’ll feel when you finally hand over your notice to your boss and walk out those office doors once and for all.

But this reality?

Only if you are absolutely committed and ready to do what it takes to succeed and live your purpose, face your fears and self-sabotaging patterns that are keeping you stuck and invest in the help you need to move forward.

Introducing The Get Away Plan, a one-on-one business kickstarter program for corporate women who can’t handle another minute of their current career (let alone another 20 years).

In this kickstarter coaching program, you’ll get a step-by-step plan to help you build your startup business and get you on the path to achieving your own version of success.

Here’s what you receive when you say yes to The Get Away Plan:

  Your Brand Vision

Where we first discover your Soul Intention (your deepest desires, true purpose, skills and highest potential, your Why), to help define your unique personal brand mission and message, that will direct your business and gets you noticed.

  Your Intuitive Mindset Map

That helps you see what’s keeping you stuck, how to break through those limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns, so you can accomplish what you truly desire.

  Your Exit Strategy

That outlines the business goals and key steps necessary to get you to Quit Day, so you can start working for yourself full-time.

  Your Money Plan

To give you clear financial goals, to help put your financial fears and worries to rest. This plan outlines your expenses, what you need to make and invest in your growing business.  This is an integral part of the Exit Strategy.

  Your Master Business Plan

That starts with your brand vision and business model, maps out the detailed business strategies, system and key offers that you need to achieve your business and financial goals, doing work you love.

  Your Coaching Program

To help you implement these plans, support you every step of the way towards your dream goals and keeping you accountable.

Over the course of The Get Away Plan program, you will:

  Get Crystal Clear

On who you are as a brand, what’s your mission and whom you serve

  Uncover the Limiting Beliefs

And blocks that are holding you back from achieving the kind of success you’re yearning for.

  Learn Success Mindset Tools

That will help you shift out of struggle mode and into abundant flow.

  Learn How

To make your transition from employee to entrepreneur as stress-free as possible.

  Gain a New Understanding

Of what it will take to create the kind of business that provides the fulfillment, prosperity and freedom that will bring you health and happiness.

I’m an intuitive business strategist for women who are ready to leave the corporate world, get clear on their business vision and purpose, and start taking action to build their soul-inspired freedom  business.

I know what it’s like to spend your days chained to a career that’s practically killing you.

I spent 10 years in a corporate career doing work that left me feeling empty, ruined my relationships and damaged my health.

It wasn’t until I was faced with a failed marriage, deep depression, and only $75 to my name that I took steps to shift my mindset and create a business that truly served me and allowed me to make a positive impact in other people’s lives.

I created The Get Away Plan to give other high-achieving women, who realize they can’t stay stuck in their soul-sucking careers, a way out.

I know how overwhelming the thought of going out on your own and letting go of the financial safety net can be. There are so many pieces to figure out: how to organize your finances, how to market yourself, how do deal with the fear, and sooooo much more.

This program is a unique opportunity to work with me, someone with 20+ years of experience building corporate start-ups with my business and finance expertise, intuitive insight, and mindset work.

My highest calling is to help women like you to answer your highest calling, bring more light to the world and achieving success on your terms!

You deserve to unleash your true purpose and set your soul on fire!

You deserve a thriving business doing exactly what you are meant to do.

You deserve to be happy. Totally.

Here’s what others are saying about my approach. 

Alice helped me take a look at where I am realistically with my business and business plans. She asked questions I had thought I knew the answer to but realized I had some work to do. Alice helped me think of ideas to market and focus my business. It was a pleasure.

— Lauren Truscott
Medical Herbalist, DEEDEE Botanicals
Vancouver Island, Canada

Alice is amazing. Her insight into marketing was common sense and extremely helpful. I truly appreciate her marketing ideas. I am better prepared to become a success. She is delightful to work with. I appreciate her candor, business sense, marketing strategies and encouragement. Her insight would be helpful to anyone who wants to grow their business. In addition, the intuitive portion of the coaching session is quite interesting and aligned with my own internal knowing. Great confirmation.

— Sandi Wilson
Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor
Phoenix, AZ, US

Alice did a wonderful job. I felt encouraged and supported. I would highly recommend working with Alice. She is honest, authentic and genuine with so much insight and advice to offer.

— Sarah B
Our Love Revolution
Muskoka, Canada

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Find out what you’re meant to do with a powerful Soulful Strategy session.

  • Discover your soul’s purpose and your super-powers
  • Find the business vision and direction that aligns with your passion and soul’s purpose
  • Get insight on the Why behind your passion, longings and struggles
  • Examine what’s standing in your way, holding you back, sabotaging your pursuit of happiness and success

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