I needed to know what to do next to attract clients. Alice was willing to share resources with me and broke down the next necessary steps to attract clients. I benefited by learning how to repackage live videos. She is organized, easy to connect with, adaptable, fun, honest and direct. The whole process was made easy and I would work with her again.

— Eva Angel Diamond, Transformational Life Coach
Auckland, New Zealand

Alice did a wonderful job. I felt encouraged and supported. I would highly recommend working with Alice. She is honest, authentic and genuine with so much insight and advice to offer.

— Sarah B, Our Love Revolution
Muskoka, Canada

Alice helped me pinpoint what the common root theme of all my work is, and what it is I’m offering my clients-who I attract. Self worth. This insight really helped me bring forth clarity to all my other questions around my business as I move forward. Her intuitive insight was very helpful I feel, as she worked with me. She was able to really see me, and what my soul wanted me to hear I would recommend working with her.

— J. Roy, Women’s Soul Honouring Workshop Facilitator
Alberta, Canada

I appreciated Alice’s intuition and directness. She helped me to focus on what I had learnt from my recent trials. She is succinct and to the point, which really helps me. She listens well. I would recommend Alice to others, and I already have. I feel that she really wants to help me. I am very interested in the Akashic Records and she is attuned and well trained in this.

— Liz, London, England

Alice is amazing. Her insight into marketing was common sense and extremely helpful. I truly appreciate her marketing ideas. I am better prepared to become a success. She is delightful to work with. I appreciate her candor, business sense, marketing strategies and encouragement. Her insight would be helpful to anyone who wants to grow their business. In addition, the intuitive portion of the coaching session is quite interesting and aligned with my own internal knowing. Great confirmation.

— Sandi Wilson, Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor
Phoenix, AZ, US

Alice helped me take a look at where I am realistically with my business and business plans. She asked questions I had thought I knew the answer to but realized I had some work to do. Alice helped me think of ideas to market and focus my business. It was a pleasure.

— Lauren Truscott, Medical Herbalist, DEEDEE Botanicals
Vancouver Island, Canada

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